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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Tri-Isys Internet is committed to providing high-quality, high-speed Internet access. Our goal extends to provide and protect our customers, the Internet Community and our network from illegal or irresponsible use or activities. These Terms and Conditions are set to ensure the efficient means of operating the Internet services to fully benefit all Tri-Isys Internet users. The users must agree that any violation of the Terms and Conditions will result in termination of service with or without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Tri-Isys Internet.

1. Definition of Terms

The following words will have these meanings in this Agreement unless the context is otherwise specified:

  • Agreement - the completed Application Form (and attachment (s)) and the terms and conditions stated herein.
  • Account - a single billing entity, comprising all services being provided by Tri-Isys to the Subscriber, which may either be an individual account or a corporate account.
  • Services - means access to the global Internet and transit of material through the facilitating network of telecommunication and any subsidiary Internet based technologies, consulting and other service offerings provided from time to time by Tri-Isys Internet.
  • Subscriber - any individual, organization, institution, agency and corporation, which enters into this Agreement and expressed interest of availing this Service.
  • Tri-Isys Internet - refers to Inter-Island Information Systems, Inc. that renders the Service.

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2. Agreement

This Agreement governs the relationship between Tri-Isys Internet and approved and activated subscriber (hereinafter, the "Subscriber"). This Agreement defines the right and obligations of the subscriber. Tri-Isys Internet (hereinafter referred to as Tri-Isys Internet) reserves the right to adjust, modify, amend or supplement this agreement as the service may require. This Agreement shall take effect immediately upon activation by Tri-Isys Internet of the subscription subject of the Tri-Isys Platinum Plan & Premium Plan application form hereof.

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3. General Policy

  • Use of Tri-Isys Internet for advertising or promotion of a product or service without the express, written consent of Tri-Isys Internet is prohibited. Tri-Isys Internet reserves the right to restrict/deny and/or change for any use of Tri-Isys Internet systems and/or Tri-Isys networks which, In Tri-Isys sole discretion, is beyond the regular bounds of space, bandwidth or frequency. Some of the materials available on the Internet may be considered profane, pornographic, obscene and/or illegal. Should such be the case, the subscriber is solely held responsible for his own discretionary judgment in accessing, viewing, reading obtaining and/or using such materials.

  • The Subscriber hereby agrees that any material submitted for publication entered into Tri-Isys Internet Systems by the Subscriber's Account does not violate or infringe upon any copyright, trademark, patient,statutory, common law or proprietary rights of others or contain anything obscene or libelous and is not conflict or competition with Tri-Isys Internet or any Tri-Isys Internet affiliates.

  • Tri-Isys reserves the right to disconnect or deactivate the equipment or software of any Subscriber at anytime without any prior notice in situations where the subject equipment or software is directly interfering with Tri-Isys Internet capability to provide Services. The Subscriber must, at all times, comply with Tri-Isys Internet requirements regarding the proper access equipment, as well as the mode of access to and/or use of the Services.

  • Tri-Isys Internet reserves the right to withhold the release of a Subscriber's information to another Subscriber or to any person or entity, since all applications shall be treated with confidentiality,except where the prior written consent of the Subscriber is obtained or required to be disclosed pursuant to any applicable law or legal process issued by any court of the rules of any relevant regulatory body.

  • Subscriber acknowledges that the Services provided by Tri-Isys Internet is of such a nature that service can be interrupted for many reasons other than the negligence of the company and that damages resulting from any interruption of service are difficult to ascertain. Therefore, Subscriber agrees that Tri-Isys Internet shall not be liable for any damages arising from such causes beyond the direct and exclusive control of the Company. Subscriber further acknowledges that the Company's liability for its own negligence may not in any event exceed an amount equivalent to charges payable by Subscriber for services during the period damages occurred. In no event shall the Tri-Isys Internet be liable for any special or consequential damages, loss or injury. The Tri-Isys Internet, at its sole discretion may decide whether or not credit is due for any loss of Service.

  • Tri-Isys Internet reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions aforementioned at any time upon notice to the Subscriber in such forms as determined by Tri-Isys Internet.

  • Tri-Isys Internet reserves the right to cancel Subscriber's rights under this contract at anytime without further obligation.

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4. The Service

Tri-Isys Internet shall provide the access to the global Internet and transit of material through the facilitating network of telecommunication and any subsidiary Internet based technologies, consulting and other service offerings provided from time to time by Tri-Isys Internet. Tri-Isys Internet dial-up plans are available subscription plans from which the Subscriber shall refer upon applying for the Services from Tri-Isys Internet. The Subscriber will be required to provide their personal name and address information. They must agree to provide the correct information and Identification name and username and password as approved by Tri-Isys Internet. The Subscriber shall be responsible for local and international telephone charges that shall be incurred upon connecting to Tri-Isys Internet.

Tri-Isys Internet offers two kinds of subscription plans; the Premium Plan and Platinum Plan.

  • Tri-Isys Internet Premium Plan has different category depending on the need of the Subscriber. Unused hours under premium subscription plan are not carried over for the succeeding month.

  • Tri-Isys Internet Platinum Plan Unlimited access means that Subscriber will not be charged per-minute access charges while actively using Internet. Platinum accounts are not intended to be used as continuous dedicated connections; it has automatic disconnection after every 4-5 hours for self-maintenance routine check, but you can reconnect easily. Platinum Subscriber is required to make an initial payment equivalent to one (1) month to be able to activate their application.

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5. E-Mail

Harassment in all forms thru the Internet, sending unsolicited/bulk mail, including the sending of "Junk Mail" or other advertising materials to individuals who did not specifically request such material or so-called "Email Spam" is explicitly prohibited unless the recipient requested it. Malicious emails, chain letters or pyramid schemes whether the recipient requested it or not are prohibited. Unauthorized use of subscriber account, whether company or individual, to retrieve messages misuse or forging of mail header information are also prohibited. Tri-Isys Internet also prohibits use of unsolicited email originated from the company or other companies connected on their behalf.

Administrator's Email; All Subscribers are required to accept and read email(s) from the Management Team (info@tri-isys.com) the Technical Support Team (support@tri.ph). Such mails must not be "bounced" or ignored. More so, Subscribers are required to respond to the email(s) should a reply be requested.

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6. Minimum Subscription Period

Premium Plan
The minimum Subscription Period for Premium Subscriber has different category depends on the need of the Subscriber, for Premium Plan 10 the minimum subscription is one (1) year while the Premium Plan 20 is Semi-Annual. The rest of the Premium Plan has the minimum subscription of one (1) month from date of Subscription.

Platinum Plan
The minimum Subscription Period for all Platinum Subscribers is one (1) month from date of Subscription.

Should the Subscriber fail to complete the minimum subscription period, the initial payment that the Subscriber settled in accordance with Tri-Isys Internet terms will not be refundable as a penalty for the Subscriber's breach of this provision of the Agreement.

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7. Fees, Rates, and Charges

The Subscriber shall pay the applicable monthly service fees (payable in advance). Subscription fees, activation fees, excess usage fees, etc. are stated in the Tri-Isys Internet latest brochures & marketing materials. Subscriber acknowledges that the nature of the service furnished and the initial rates and charges have been communicated to Subscriber. Such fees may change with or without prior notice. Subscriber is aware that Tri-Isys Internet may change the specified rates and charges from time to time.

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8. Billing and Payment

  1. Billing - Tri-Isys Internet will send the Subscriber bills for services at regular intervals. Tri-Isys Internet may also send billing in advance of the usual billing cycle . Not withstanding the non-delivery of any bill, The Subscriber may request, at any time, Information of his outstanding balance through Tri-Isys Internet Business Center at 209 Escolta St. Corner Nueva Binondo, Manila. Or through Billing & Collection via tel # 480-0777 / 736-4911 loc 21 - 25

  2. Payment - Payments for the initial subscription shall be made prior to activation. Succeeding subscription fees and all other charges shall be payable on or with such period of time as stated in the billing statement(s) issued by Tri-Isys Internet to the Subscriber. Cash and/or check payment(s) shall be remitted to Tri-Isys Internet Business Center or any of the accredited bank(s) and payment center(s) and must be made in favor of Tri-Isys Internet. The Subscriber shall pay for his service charges and fees and any balance left thereafter to service fees and traffic charges on or before regular due date (the "Regular Due Date"). Tri-Isys Internet shall inform the subscriber of his regular due date in the first bill, it shall be the responsibility of the of the Subscriber to know his /her outstanding balance through the Billing Department of Tri-Isys Internet and effect payment, without need of further demand, on or before the Regular Due Date.

  3. Changes in Billing Address - The Subscriber shall inform the Tri-Isys Internet in writing, of any changes in billing address. Tri-Isys Internet shall not be responsible for the consequences of the Subscriber's inability to receive and pay his bill as a result of his failure to timely notify Tri-Isys Internet of any changes in billing address.

  4. Non-payment - Tri-Isys Internet may suspend, redirect, and temporarily or permanently disconnect the service of any subscriber for failure to pay any amount due to Tri-Isys Internet on or before Due Date. Such suspension, redirection or disconnection shall be without prejudice to any action available to Tri-Isys Internet under other portions of this Agreement, or in law equity in order to recover all sums due and damages suffered by Tri-Isys Internet for such non-payment.

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9. Suspension and Disconnection

In addition to non-payment and other grounds for suspension or disconnection stated in this Agreement, Tri-Isys Internet reserves the right to temporarily disconnect the service of any Subscriber, without prior notice to the Subscriber, in the following instances; a) The Account is subject to suspension in the event that the Subscriber fails to remit payment on the date due as stated in his Billing Statement. After such suspension, Tri-Isys Internet shall continue to bill the Subscriber until the date of full payments. Non-payment of the outstanding balance until a given period of time is subject to termination of the Account unless the Subscriber notifies the Tri-Isys Internet office of his desire to continue the Service upon agreement to settle his outstanding amount due; b) Tri-Isys Internet reserves the right to disconnect or deactivate the equipment or software of any Subscriber at anytime without any prior notice in situations where the subject equipment or software is directly interfering with Tri-Isys Internet capability to provide Services. The Subscriber must, at all times, comply with Tri-Isys Internet requirements regarding the proper access equipment, as well as the mode of access to and/or use of the Services; c) violation of any of the provisions of this Agreement and regulations of Tri-Isys Internet; d) and other analogous causes.

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10. Termination

  1. Either Tri-Isys Internet or the Subscriber may terminate this Agreement giving prior notice in writing 30 days to the other. However, notice given on or after the cut-off date by the Subscriber shall have this Agreement terminated only on the following cut-off date thus having the Subscriber be held liable for the subscription fees up to the effective date of termination. Tri-Isys Internet may also terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if in it's own opinion the Subscriber breached any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or if the Subscriber has provided any false or incomplete information to Tri-Isys Internet.

  2. Final Bill - In case service is discontinued or terminated for any reason, all unpaid bills, applicable fees and penalty charges shall immediately become due and demandable, without prejudice to the right of Tri-Isys Internet to bill the Subscriber by the way of supplementary bills for changes that it discovers after such termination and final billing of the Subscriber.

  3. Account Cancellation - All requests for termination accounts must be made in writing and sent to:

Tri-Isys Internet (Business Center)
209 Escolta St. Corner Nueva, Binondo, Manila

or via fax at 480-0005 / 243-3749

For further instructions Subscriber may call us and ask for details on canceling an Account. Terminations will be made on the date the termination request is received. Any fees for Services rendered prior to the date of termination will still be due and payable without need of demand.

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11. Credit Allowance For Service Interruption

TThe National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) allows 48-hours period in which to resolve outages or service interruptions that the user reports without the grant of an interruption allowance. Rebates equivalent to total computed amount will be credited to Subscriber starting 48 hours after for each day that the facility remains unoperational. Credit will not be granted in cases where the interruption is directly attributable to the equipment supplied or installed by Subscriber or other factor(s) which are beyond Tri-Isys Internetís control or which are not attributable to Tri-Isys Internetís fault or negligence.

Tri-Isys Internet shall apply the following schedule of rebate per length of interruption should failure of services occur for causes other than what is stipulated in the above paragraph. Tri-Isys Internet shall credit the Subscriber the amount corresponding to the period of interruption provided that the period of interruption shall not be less than (4) hours per day. Credit will apply only to the monthly recurring charges. The amount of credit shall be determined and calculated as follows:

  • Amount to be credited = (Monthly Rental, pesos x Hrs not serviceable) / 730Hrs. (in pesos)
  • Credits will not be granted in cases where the interruption is directly attributed to equipment provided by Subscriber.

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12. Security & Other Features

The Subscriber shall be responsible in investigating alleged numbers that accessed his/her Account without permission upon applying for Tri-Isys Internet optional Service of the Caller Line Identification (CLI) indicating the telephone number(s) he uses in dialing up prior to accessing the service an automatic log-out will occur after fifteen (15) minutes of idle log-in time subject to such changes as may be Introduced by Tri-Isys Internet. Optional service of CLI is applicable only for Premium Plan.

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13. Amendments to this Agreement

Tri-Isys Internet reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time with or without prior notice, including a change in the rates and other value added services or special features. In connection with this contract, Subscriber hereby agrees that the venue thereof shall be proper courts of Manila to the exclusion of all other courts.

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14. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippine and the Subscriber and Tri-Isys Internet hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Manila, Philippines.

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