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Payment Information

You may settle your account through cash, check or credit card.


For verification and receipt issuance purposes, after paying your Internet subscription bill, please don't forget to inform the Tri-Isys Internet Accounting Dept. that you already made your payment by contacting us at 480-0777, or through e-mail at account@tri.ph.

When doing so, please relay the following information:

  • the subscriber's name
  • the user account login name
  • the validation date
  • the statement account number
  • the amount paid
  • and where the payment was made
  • Please fax the Payment Slip if payment was made through bank.

Cash and Check Payments:
These can be done through our Payment Centers.

Auto Debit Facility:
Recurring Payment System (RPS) - an automated payment system (using your Credit Card information only) wherein the cardholder can settle his monthly statement of account by charging the amount thereof to his Credit Card. For registration, please call 480-0777 / 230-8777.

For inquiries please call 480-0777. Or, e-mail us at account@tri.ph.

Which value-added service do you prefer?

a. Anti_virus
b. Web accelerator
c. Web hosting
d. Global roaming
e. Wifi
Main Office: Helpdesk Hotline:
  • 230-8777
  • 480-0777
  • 230-8799
  • 480-0888
  • 230-8000
    Fax Number:  
  • 230-8792 (Prepaid Sales)
  • 230-8795 (Postpaid Sales)
  • 243-3749 (Accounting/Billing)