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Billing FAQs

Platinum Plan Billing Information

For Premium Plan Billing Info CLICK HERE.
For PowerSurf Plan Billing Info CLICK HERE.

  • Statement of Account will be sent after 10 days from activation date via courier.
  • Payment made is based on an advance billing. All payment are due in advance.

Definition of Terms:

  • Date Start - refers to the date when the account was activated.
  • Cut-Off Date - refers to one (1) cycle or a complete month after the account was activated. Date of activation would be the cut-off date.
  • Billing Date - the date when Tri-Isys Internet bills the subscriber. 10 days after date of activation would be the billing date.
  • Due Date - the date when clients should settle their bills. 14 days after the billing date would be the due date or disconnection date. We encourage our client to settle their bill on or before the due date. Otherwise, payment made after the due date may not be included in your next bill. If no payment received on or before due date, service may be temporarily disconnected without any further notice.
  • Delinquent Account - If you do not pay the bill on the payment due date, your account shall be considered delinquent. Tri-Isys Internet reserves the right to suspend or freeze temporarily your access without prior notice.
Date Start Cut-Off Date Billing Date Due Date
Jan. 1 1 Jan. 11 Jan. 25
Jan. 2 2 Jan. 12 Jan. 26
Jan. 3 3 Jan. 13 Jan. 27
Jan. 4 4 Jan. 14 Jan. 28
Jan. 5 5 Jan. 15 Feb. 1
Jan. 6 6 Jan. 16 Feb. 2
Jan. 7 7 Jan. 17 Feb. 3
Jan. 8 8 Jan. 18 Feb. 4
Jan. 9 9 Jan. 19 Feb. 5
Jan. 10 10 Jan. 20 Feb. 6
Jan. 11 11 Jan. 21 Feb. 7
Jan. 12 12 Jan. 22 Feb. 8
Jan. 13 13 Jan. 23 Feb. 9
Jan. 14 14 Jan. 24 Feb. 10
Jan. 15 15 Jan. 25 Feb. 11
Jan. 16 16 Jan. 26 Feb. 12
Jan. 17 17 Jan. 27 Feb. 13
Jan. 19 19 Jan. 1 Feb. 15
Jan. 20 20 Jan. 2 Feb. 16
Jan. 21 21 Jan. 3 Feb. 17
Jan. 22 22 Jan. 4 Feb. 18
Jan. 23 23 Jan. 5 Feb. 19
Jan. 24 24 Jan. 6 Feb. 20
Jan. 25 25 Jan. 7 Feb. 21
Jan. 26 26 Jan. 8 Feb. 22
Jan. 27 27 Jan. 9 Feb. 23
Jan. 28 28 Jan. 10 Feb. 24
Jan. 29 1 Jan. 11 Feb. 25
Jan. 30 1 Jan. 11 Jan. 25
Jan. 31 1 Jan. 11 Feb. 25

Payment Information:

  • Payment Center - We accept cash, check and credit card payments.
  • Over the Counter - Fill-up the bills payment slip and bring to the teller with your payment. Do not forget to indicate your Subscriber's Account Number & Name, Company's Name (Tri-Isys Internet).
  • Auto Debit Facility: Recurring Payment System (RPS) - an automated payment system (using your Credit Card information only) wherein the cardholder can settle his monthly statement of account by charging the amount thereof to his Credit Card. For registration, please call 480-0777 / 736-4911.
  • Online Payment - you can pay online thru Yehey Payplus or Myayala. (Myayala accepts Platinum payments only)

Termination / Suspension:

Request for termination of account are subject for confirmation, Subscriber is required to submit a request letter for termination of their plan subscription. The final billing will be sent via courier a month after request has been made. Request of suspension shall take effect immediately & is effective for a maximum of 30 days only, after which your account will be automatically terminated.

Activation / Reactivation:

To reactivate the account, the outstanding balance should be settled in full including the advance payment. Activation or reactivation shall be done within 1 to 2 working days (Monday to Saturday) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM only. All request received onwards will automatically served the next working day.

Shift / Change of Plan Subscription:

Subscriber must finish their existing plan before shifting to another plan subscription.

Note: The cut-off date of any account is fixed. Therefore, Tri-Isys Internet will strictly be implementing not to move the cut-off of any account in the event of delayed and non-payment of account. The subscriber must understand his responsibility and obligation to settle his account on or before the due date.

All payments must be posted on or before the Due Date indicated on your bill. If you are paying by check or through banks, please pay three (3) days before Due Date to allow for clearing and/or posting. If the Due Date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, please pay on the banking day prior to your Due Date.

All checks should be made payable to "Inter-Island Information Systems, Inc." or "Tri-Isys Internet" and cross Payee's Account only. Please write your subscriber's name, account number and telephone number at the back of the check. The clearing cut-off time of the depository bank will be followed in determining your date of payment.

For the reference of this notice: Please refer to Tri-Isys Internet's Terms and Condition under Billing and Payment section.

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